New products

  • VINNO G60

    VINNO G60 is a new ultrasound device of the expert class, which demonstrates excellent visualization in all modes of scanning. This is the first ultrasound system, which does not need to be pre-processed and demodulated, thanks to its newest unique technologies, unlike traditional ultrasound platforms. This allows to speed up the research process and improve the quality of diagnostics. VINNO G60 allows you to get more accurate data for further processing, so you can get excellent image quality in terms of resolution and contrast. With the VINNO G60, you get the choice of the sensors you need, among the large selection of multifrequency sensors that provides you with a VINNO G60, with frequencies from 1 to 25MHz for visualizing the smallest surface structures.

  • ENT-Machine

    This type of medical equipment is used in modern clinics, in order to improve the quality of patient care. At the same time, the inspection time is significantly shortened, along with a significant increase in the quality and accuracy of diagnosis. The ENT can also help those patients who were very difficult or impossible to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.


    Radiosurgical device radioSURG 2200 is intended for all areas of medicine requiring surgical intervention:
    • plastic and reconstructive surgery
    • general surgery
    • dentistry and maxillofacial surgery
    • dermatology
    • ophthalmology
    • phlebology
    • Vascular surgery
    • Oncology
    • Proctology
    • urology
    • otorhinolaryngology
    • gynecology
    • Orthopedics
    • Neurosurgery
    • pediatrics
    • cosmetology (procedure for non-surgical correction of age-related changes)


    Plasma sterilization is one of the most sparing, environmentally friendly and effective methods. Plasma is formed under the action of external energy sources – temperature, electric field, radiation. Less than an hour after processing in a plasma sterilizer, the instruments are fully ready for use. The disadvantage of this method until recently was the high cost of equipment, but today this situation has completely changed. Buy plasma sterilizers Smart 30 from the company “LOWTEM CO., LTD” can be at a low price.

  • Ventilator

    A reliable and stable ORICARE platform incorporating proven turbine technology improves response time and excellent flow and pressure control capabilities, which makes it possible to support even the heaviest patients, and also significantly reduces the cost of operating the instrument.Insert your content here.
    The system is equipped with a touch screen that provides interaction, membrane buttons and dialer, serving to change settings and parameters (touchscreen). The device has a flat color liquid crystal display, displaying diagrams and digital data in real time.

    Ventilation Modes

    • VCV (A / C), PCV (A / C), PRVC (optional), PSV (optional), Standby


    • SPONT / CPAP + PSV

    • BIVENT / APRV + PSV (optional)

    • NIV / CPAP, NIV-T, NIV-S / T

  • Anesthesia machine

    ORICARE A9600 is a modern but easy-to-use anesthetic workstation that provides accurate, pneumatic and electronically controlled ventilation. The device has a convenient design, includes new technologies and provides safe and effective treatment options for the doctor.

    Thanks to the 12.1-inch TFT display with high resolution and touch screen, along with the navigator wheel provides a simple intuitive interface that improves user control. Ergonomic functions ensure that the doctor can perform the entire operation easily and accurately. The parameter areas on the main screen are displayed in different colors to facilitate identification. Signal and alarm records are clearly displayed to make it easier for the clinician to view information about the patient’s treatment.

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